Open, casual and trendy workplace driven by passionate individuals. We encourage sustainable working patterns that enable our people to do quality work, develop themselves as a better professional and have a healthy life

Personal Growth

Cosni spends a great deal of effort on creating an perfect environment for you to gain new skills and reach your potential. We encourage innovation and some of the successful ideas become a commercial offering of Cosni.


Our mission to become an Authority in our industry drives us to deliver Innovation & Acceleration in each of our key service areas driven by smart Cosnians.


We are always looking for smart and passionate individuals.


Our developers are an authority in their domain areas or they carry the ambition and drive to become one. They want to be the leading force in the market and share the knowledge with their peers. A real drive to make a difference!


Our UX designers and developers are a leading force when it comes to creating beautiful functional and responsive design based on user experience best practices. (e.g. H5, CSS3 & JS Frameworks)


An architect is the driving power when it comes to solving complex architectural and infrastructural problems. You are not only an advisor, but an excellent developer yourself.

Agile & Lean consultants

Our consultant's advice and help various small to big organisations with implementing Lean and agile methods to achieve higher productivity, decrease waste and promote a healthy work environment.

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